And The New Roman Polanski Accuser Is...

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Actress (and 1986 Elle subject!) Charlotte Lewis, who says Polanski sexually abused her in the "worst way possible" in 1982, when she was 16. Lewis says, "He took advantage of me," but stops short of calling his actions "rape." [FOX]



AndPreciousLittleofThat unsure how I feel about this, or if in fact I feel much at all.

If Ms. Lewis was assaulted by Roman Polanski, it's horrible and I hope she gets some closure.

But on the other hand, this incident is alleged to have taken place during the first Reagan administration. The whole point of the matter involving Mr. Polanski now is that he fled from justice and flouted US law for decades, thus perpetuating his crime.

If this lady stayed silent for nearing three decades and is looking for justice now, I don't think she'll be very satisfied.