The 82nd annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton Hotel is a less-formal, daytime event. But as nominated actresses Meryl, Gabourey, Sandra, Maggie and more showed, it is not without its own unique challenges...sartorially-speaking.

"Hm, she had a strong resume, but her suit was kind of bizarre..."

Vera Farmiga, as usual, does femme fatale.

Is Maggie Gyllenhaal's frock a tad 1979 back-yard-wedding? Yes, and I love it.


How can all the components look crummy on their own and so pulled-together as an ensemble? That's the magic of Meryl...


You can hardly blame a gal for doing flats when she's hitting the red carpet on a daily basis.

Anna Kendrick's mummy-styled frock begs a horrible embalming pun that I neither can think of nor want to think of.


Dig Carey Mulligan's golden hair - but then, she makes pretty much everything - including this Prada dress - look adorable and effortless.

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