And Now, Ke$ha Will Lead Us All In A Sacred Ancient Glitter Ritual

Illustration for article titled And Now, Ke$ha Will Lead Us All In A Sacred Ancient Glitter Ritual

[New York, August 13. Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]


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♥ dosido☮

It breaks my heart to see what look like 8 year old girls in the front row. Is this all you have to offer as role models, Culture? IS IT?

And also: WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS and do said parents listen to any KeDOLLARSIGNha lyrics AT ALL, like the gargling with Jack Daniels bit or that Blah Blah Blah song where she pretty much tells a dude to shut up if he wants to get in her pants? I mean, I know that an 8 year old probably doesn't understand those lyrics, but isn't that what parents are supposed to be for? To, you know, screen entertainment and look out for children who are too young to have the sense to do it themselves?

I am feeling very "get off my lawn you damn parents of kids these days" right now. Sorry. Just - those little girls so cute and pigtailed and young and scrubbed-looking and innocent-faced. No way they are even TWEENS. It makes me sad to see them just sitting there taking all that garbage about what makes a woman worthwhile (ie: SEX SEX SEX BOOBS AND ALSO MORE SEX, in case you missed the memo from EVERY MEDIA OUTLET EVER).

Kids are such sponges. They should have better things to sop up.