And Now, A Sexist, Rapey Joke From The President Of Chile

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera is fond of telling jokes, and he couldn't resist sharing one with 32 other heads of state at a recent meeting in Mexico. Swallow whatever you're drinking and take a seat, because the joke is hilarious, rapey, and definitely worth humiliating yourself over:

Do you know what the difference between a politician and a lady is? When a politician says "yes," he means "maybe," when he says "maybe," he means "no," and if he says "no," he's not a politician. When a lady says "no," she means "maybe," when she says "maybe," she means "yes," and if she says "yes," she's not a lady.'"

That's some comic gold, though unfortunately actual ladies in Chile's government weren't laughing. Pinera's Women's Minister said she didn't find the joke funny, and opposition Senator Ximena Rincon said, "Remarks like these are an affront to women and an embarrassment for this country, in terms of gender politics, they set us back some 20 years."


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