And Now A Sentence From Gwyneth's Forthcoming Cookbook

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"I came across an axiom in a passage from a culinary memoir called Heat in which the author, Bill Buford, observes the following: 'You can divide people into two categories in life: cooks and bakers.'" More here.

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You know what? I can't summon enough bile to actively dislike her anymore. I just feel a vague kind of bewilderment that such people still actually exist, like I do when I see an obviously overly privileged person struggling to do something like navigate public transport.

I never actually realised until I Wikipedia'd her one day that she actually comes from Hollywood royalty pretty much, and has always lived in that cocoon. At first GOOP made me shake my fist at the computer screen, but then I just began to LOL. I don't think there's any real snobbiness or meanness there, I think she maybe just does genuinely believe that everyone could live like her if they just tried, and that we all have access to the same level of resources she does.