And Now, A Game Of Thrones Supercut Called Game of Fucks

In anticipation of Game of Thrones' third season return on Sunday, our buddies over at Slacktory have created a super cut entitled ""Game Of Fucks: 126 Reasons Why Game Of Thrones Would Never Work On Basic Cable."


In case you still don't get it, it features every curse word you can think of, except, perhaps, "crap." I don't think I heard a "crap" in there. Perhaps "crap" and dragons cannot co-exist.

There is also a very helpful pie chart with a breakdown of the character : curse word ratio.

'Game of Fucks, Supercut of All the Swearing in ‘Game of Thrones' [Slacktory]



Was I the only one who was hoping it was a compilation of all the naked/sex scenes? I'm disappointed...