And Here's Marianne Williamson Declining Samatha Bee's Invitation to Drop Out of the Primary

Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson gave Samantha Bee what can only be described as a “bitch, you thought” response to the Full Frontal host’s invitation to drop out of the 2020 presidential race on her program.


On Tuesday morning, the Full Frontal Twitter account posted a video of Bee inviting Williamson to a campaign dropout party.

“I am so loving your vibe, so I wanted to invite you over to my show to a very chill, very serious campaign dropout party,” Bee said. “We can have tea, throat lozenges, agave, and whatever else you use to make your voice sound so angelic. I’ll even let you read my aura!”

But Williamson had other plans that day: A guest spot on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“Samantha Bee put out a video today saying that I should come on her show and drop out,” read Williamson’s Instagram caption of herself in the Late Show green room, waiting to be dolled up. “Ha ha. Thought I should do Stephen’s show instead, and stay in... and win...:)”


During her Colbert appearance, Williamson attempted to defend her right to run for president despite never having won elected office and spent ample time advocating for a Department of Peace.

“My critique of our national security agenda is not a critique of the military,” said Williamson. “It’s a critique of politicians who have based our national security agenda as much on short term profit maximization for defense contractors as it has on any agenda for creating peace.”


Williamson is an admirable advocate of reparations, ending child poverty, and abstaining from overreaching military aggression. She’s also a vaccine skeptic with views on health that people are very reasonably wary of, and Colbert failed to take Williamson to task on that. (In a Tuesday morning tweet, Williamson said that she is not a “cult leader” or an “anti-science [...] anti-vaxxer.” She noted that she regularly quotes Albert Einstein.)

Regardless of your opinions of Williamson’s Earth Mother, intuitive healing approach to both life and politics, her response to Bee was pretty good.

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.



No, her response really wasn’t that good. She’s a complete joke of a candidate. She’s not automatically a “progressive” to cheer for just because of her position on reparations, when she breaks the cardinal rule around taking PAC money and big dollar fundraisers and makes the kind of comments on weight and depression that she does. (Uh, YEAH, “reasonably wary.”)

Why is *anyone* giving her the time of day??