Ana Navarro Says She Will Probably Write in Her Mother's Name On Election Day

Screengrab via Comedy Central.
Screengrab via Comedy Central.

Republican strategist Ana Navarro has been delighting everyone this last week as one of few Republicans who is willing to vocally and repeatedly denounce Donald Trump. She also shouted “pussy” on TV.


But she’s still a Republican, and isn’t too thrilled to vote for Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday evening’s episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Navarro explained why she insisted on using the same language as the Republican presidential candidate “because I just couldn’t handle any more people defending the man who is running for the highest office of the land in the United States of America saying the word, and yet pretending to be offended when a mere pundit…or anybody else says it. Hypocrisy needs to be called out in American politics and the absurd has reached the point where it is just insufferable.”

Navarro goes on to say that while she is disgusted with Trump, she believes in the resilience of the Republican party, “the party of Lincoln,” and doesn’t believe that Donald Trump will destroy it, adding, “I was a Republican before Donald Trump was a Republican. I was a Republican when Donald Trump was a Democrat! I was a Republican when Donald Trump was an Independent. And I’m going to be a Republican when Donald Trump gets tired of being a Republican!”

When Noah asks who she’s planning to vote for, she says she’s planning to write in her mother’s name on the ballot, which apparently makes her mother very nervous. But:

“Unfortunately, I live in a swing state. I live in Florida. That means my vote might really matter. if Hillary Clinton is winning by six points, come election day, you know, ‘Mrs. Navarro’ is getting written in. If it’s fifty-fifty, I don’t know what I’m going to do, because I do know that my conscience does not allow me, it does not allow me, to allow Donald Trump—to not do every possible thing I can to make sure that misogynist, racist, bigot, jerk, entitled man is the next President of the United States.”



Girl, it’s not a Grammy, you can’t just dedicate it to your momma.