Ana Matronic: "I Don't Identify With Stereotypical Notions Of Femininity"

Illustration for article titled Ana Matronic: I Dont Identify With Stereotypical Notions Of Femininity

"I don't think that women should be treated any differently than men. Women are human beings. I don't really think about people in terms of masculine or feminine, but in terms of active or receptive." [DailyMail]


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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : Bear Privilege is a Liberal Hoax

Not that I want to assume her intent for adopting a certain taxonomy, but the reason why the whole masculine/feminine dichotomy leads to issues is because of the separation in the first place. As soon as you say "hey, these two things are different enough to make mentioning said difference worth it", you've started to discriminate (in the literal sense, a.k.a., differentiate between two things), and discrimination is what leads to... discrimination. You could argue that one is better than the other because it's merit-based or based on individual actions or whatever, but it's still fundamentally the same bullshit of throwing people into boxes that they don't necessarily want to be in.