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An Overalls-Wearing, Cigarette-Smoking Grandpa Beat Up Kylie Jenner's Paparazzi

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I’m just writing to let you know that a grandpa in overalls and a farmer’s hat took down a bunch of paparazzi outside of an LA club after photographers started shoving his granddaughters. It was all for the sake of an group selfie with Kylie Jenner, and the dude kept a cigarette in his mouth the entire time. Sentences like these are what the English language was meant for, I guess.

The incident, which was caught on camera, occurred after the granddaughters elderly MMA fighter in question’s discussed with an interviewer their intent to get a photo with Jenner, which they had failed to do so in the past.

Here’s what ensued, as reported by TMZ:

“Kylie was rushing out of [LA Club] The Nice Guy when the girls popped up and took their shot, and this time KJ obliged.


[Looks] like grandpa — the guy in overalls — wasn’t gonna let his little angels get shoved around. The brawl is insane, and gramps was the one who refused to cool down!”


Amid it all, Kyle pulled a “kthxbyeeeee” and peaced the fuck out in the middle of the rumble.

Oh, and Grandpa’s parting words? “Suck my cock!”

I love you, Internet. [TMZ]

Stana Katic, one of the stars of the police procedural Castle (which I guess people watch?) has reported to the LAPD that she and her husband have been the target of vehement online harassment for months—so much so that they’ve had to contact the authorities.


According to TMZ, Katic and her husband Kris have been trolled and stalked (tralked?) by “an IG user [who has] been leaving comments on [her] social media [pages and accounts].”

Some of the lovely fare? “Kris, I hope you die” and “I wish cancer on you and your family.”


The harassment has been ongoing since October of last year, but things intensified a couple months ago: “in February[,] the suspect started making nasty comments about extended family members and their dog by name,” which drew concern due to the fact that “those names aren’t listed publicly.”

TMZ also noted that the LAPD has determined that the suspect lives outside of the U.S., but have not yet reached out to him or authorities in his or her area of origin. [TMZ]


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