An Optimistic Open Thread: We're Definitely Getting Off Our Asses in 2016

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It’s a whole new year! AND A WHOLE NEW YOU! Just kidding, we are ever-trapped in the deadening vortex of our deep unchangeability, but, do you have any resolutions? Any non-resolution resolutions? How is this year going to be different for you? Let it all hang out in the comments.

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Dr. Mabuse

Hey Jezzies, whatcha drinking this New Year’s Day? I’m too damn tired for alcohol, so it’s strawberry Fruit 2o. Sick as hell, have been up for way too many consecutive hours (other than a cat nap very early Thursday morning, I’ve basically been up since Wednesday evening) and I am still watching my Twilight Zone marathon. Too damned sick and entertained to sleep! I may be entering total delirium mode.
Anyway, what are your evening plans? Anyone else watching the marathon like this lame-o?