An Ohio Judge Has Ruled That 17-Year-Olds Can Vote In The Primary

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Bernie Sanders coming for those tasty delegates nom nom nom.

A number of states actually allow 17-year-olds to vote in the primaries if they will be 18 at the time of the general election. It’s also allowed in the District of Columbia, but the rules are inconsistent, even from party to party. For example, in Wyoming the Democrats lure teenagers to their caucuses, but Republicans want no Young Republicans at the voting booths in their hipster jeans. Bah!


The Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted, had announced that 17-year-olds would not be allowed to vote in the primaries for the 2016 election, and Sanders’ legal team got to suing. Before that case could come through, a judge ruled on a similar one that essentially made the decision. Husted is not feeling the Bern, and objects to what he perceives as a sweeping change just days before the the primary:

This last minute legislating from the bench on election law has to stop. Our system cannot give one county court the power to change 30 years of election law for the entire state of Ohio, 23 days into early voting and only four days before an election...

We will appeal this decision because if there is a close election on Tuesday we need clarity from the Supreme Court to make sure that ineligible voters don’t determine the outcome of an election.


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Speaking as a Hillary supporter: good. Any increase in access to voting rights is a thing to strive for.