A widowed father, in a tribute to his late wife who died of cancer at 31, staged a photoshoot with the couple's young daughter that's as gorgeous as it is sad as a sort of "farewell" to the house the family once shared. Seriously, grab the onions and a large knife; you're going to need a solid cry alibi to explain away the tears that are about to rain down your face.

Shortly before Ben Nunnery married Ali in 2009, they purchased a home together. In anticipation of the life they'd build and share within its walls, they had their wedding photos taken inside. Two short years later, Ali had died of cancer, leaving behind a grieving husband and a little girl named Olivia. Before Ben and Olivia moved out of the home and into a more suitable place for the two of them, they scheduled a photoshoot that mirrored Ben and Ali's wedding photos.

Stay with me, here. I swear this a Nicholas Sparks pitch.


The photos were taken by Ali's sister, Melanie Tracy Pace, which... OH MY GOD WHY AM I SOBBING?



Jesus tear duct rupturing Christ. This is gorgeous and I need to find a thing and hug it before I collapse into a singularity of sadness. BRB.