Amy's, Purveyor of Healthy Frozen Meals, Wants to Branch Into Fast Food

Image via Amy’s
Image via Amy’s

If Amy’s the brand were a pop star I’d probably spam her mentions with things like “QUEEN OF FROZEN PIZZA” or “QUEEN OF FEEDING ME WHEN I AM TOO LAZY TO COOK A FULL MEAL FOR MYSELF.” The Cali-based company has been making their locally-sourced, often vegetarian frozen meals for nearly three decades now and even I, frequent garbage-munching carnivore, like them. And apparently this same Amy’s is going to branch out into fast food.

For the past two years Amy’s has operated Amy’s Drive Thru in Rohnert Park, California, where they’ve been serving people vegetarian, gluten-free, exceedingly healthy fast food. The drive-through is powered by solar panels, everything is recyclable, and vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free foods are prepared separately so there isn’t cross-contamination.

Maybe you’re thinking, god, these hippies. But the truth is more people want to eat healthier these days, cut out the animal products and gluten, and Amy’s wants to cash in on it. There’s no set date for a cross-country expansion but the restaurant has already branched out a bit in California. And I can’t wait until it hits New York so I can grab a black bean burger there, feel slightly morally superior, and then immediately make my way to McDonalds for fries because some things should never change.

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I tried one of Amy’s frozen meals (not pizza) a few years ago and did not like it. So I’ve hesitated to try the brand again, because price is an issue for me.

If I’m going to spend $4-$5 on a single frozen meal, it had better be appetizing.

Any recommendations?