Amy Winehouse Foundation Sets Up Recovery House for Woman Addicts

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The Amy Winehouse Foundation is opening a women’s only rehab center for recovering addicts in London.


The Guardian reports:

Known as Amy’s Place, the recovery house, which will be in operation from Monday, is based in east London and aims to help recovering female addicts reintegrate into society and sustain their recovery. It will be made up of 12 self-contained apartments, four of which are two-bed, and can house up to 16 women.

Winehouse’s family created the Amy Winehouse Foundation after she died from alcohol poisoning in July 2011. Residents at Amy’s Place will participate in a three-month program—designed with help from another London-based women’s rehab center, Hope House—that offers recovery options including workshops, yoga and prevention groups.

The foundation’s special project director Dominic Ruffy says, “There are about six women-only rehabs, and beyond that, there’s an even greater paucity of women-specific recovery housing beds. There is only one other women-only recovery house in London and it’s only a four-bed with a six-month waiting list.”

According to Ruffy, women at Hope House have talked about the benefits of a recovery house solely for women where they can be “safe and away from ex-partners, or safe from their issues around co-dependency, around men.”

Amy’s Place will open on August 22.

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Tupiniquim - Our spin is DEAD

That’s great news - and something Amy herself would’ve benefitted from. After seeing Asif Kapadia’s documentary on her and having a glimpse of how many enablers and hangers-on ignored or even encouraged her addiction it might’ve saved her to just shut that shit out and be able to recover.

Shit, I’m all teary now thinking about it.