Amy Sedaris Teaches Us How to Make Edible Cat Litter

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Have you ever looked into a cat's litter box and thought, "Sure, cat litter is great, but why can't it be more edible?!"? I haven't, but rather than attributing this to the fact that eating cat litter is absolutely revolting, I'll blame my oversight on my not being much of a cat person. Maybe this is something you cat people think of all the time and who am I to tell you you're wrong? I'm nobody, that's who.


If eating cat litter is something that you're interested in, but the idea of actually ingesting piss-soaked sand and cat shit makes you want to vomit (like I just did), the effervescent/constantly charming Amy Sedaris has a solution for you! It involves walnuts, cocoa and 100 Grand bars, so that it has all of the aesthetic perks of eating cat litter with none of the terrible flavor.

Thanks, Amy!

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I did this once (and brought it in on my first day of work to share... oops!), but I used vanilla oreos, crushed, with a small portion of them died blue, for realistic "odor crystals." The poo was softened, molded tootsie rolls, which look much more like cat poo if you do it right (you can pull them apart and get that realistic point end).

The cake part under the cookie crumbs was just trifle, so it actually tasted really good. The key is to use a brand new litter scoop to serve it.

First impressions in the workplace are crucial, FYI.