Amy Schumer Threatened David Letterman With Her Vagina

Amy Schumer visited The Late Show With David Letterman last night to tell some jokes and to announce that Inside Amy Schumer (which just won a Peabody Award) has been renewed for a fourth season. Schumer threatened to flash the momentarily terrified host her vagina, shared her mom’s awful bumper sticker advice, reminisced about heckling Bradley Cooper, and talked about her unrequited work crush.

When Letterman asked about her love life, this was the comedian’s response: “I was actually dating an infectious disease doctor, because two birds! We broke up. He was a secret alcoholic—and that’s my thing, you know? In a relationship, there’s always one alcoholic and one person who’s sad, and I wanted to be the fun one!”

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Yoga Nerd, Maybe Dead

I really hope she nixes her weird racist Latina material, because otherwise I really love her a whole lot.