Amy Schumer Posed Bottomless to Raise Gun Violence Awareness

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If you checked into to Twitter today, you might have noticed the latest trend in celebrity activism—wearing orange to promote gun control and violence awareness (...somehow). Among the many famous people to weigh in is Amy Schumer, who has been vocal about her support for specific gun control policies in the past. This time, she went above and beyond the call of duty—posing without pants, beautiful ass to the wind.


Does peeking at Schumer’s lower back tattoo inspire you to call your state representative or senator and urge them to pass stricter gun laws?


Maybe this one will:

Or how about the celebrities who didn’t even wear orange?


Anyway, here’s an essay on gun violence by Gabrielle Giffords. Call your senator. Donate to Everytown here. Or wear some orange.



Johnny Depp reportedly got into a 2am fight with bodyguards outside a casino in Denmark after one of them urged him to go back inside. Either that, or the fight never even happened—much like the text exchange between Amber Heard and Depp’s assistant. PR team working overtime, huh, Johnny?


I love it when regs think they’re weird.

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Molly with the Mediocre Hair

As someone who has actually done real work lobbying for gun control, I hope that Amy’s selfie is mocking this #WearOrange “slacktivist” nonsense. Wearing orange is bullshit; if you really want change, write your Congressman and Senators and then vote for candidates in November who support gun control measures.