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Amy Schumer Married a Chef Named Chris Fischer, and John Early Appears to Have Officiated

Image via Instagram.
Image via Instagram.

Us Weekly is reporting that comedian Amy Schumer married a chef named Chris Fischer in a “rented house in Malibu” on Tuesday. The ceremony was officiated by someone who looks a LOT like John Early in character as “Vicky,”and witnessed by people like her bff Jennifer Lawrence. Schumer confirmed the news on her Instagram Thursday morning, alongside a request for followers to donate to Everytown for Gun Safety in lieu of gifts.


Schumer began dating Fischer, a chef and cookbook author who lives on “Beetleburg Farm” in Martha’s Vineyard, last year (the first photo of them together was published in November). But apart from those small details, all we really know about their relationship is that they have kissed on the mouth at least once, and that her friend Bridgett Everett once claimed they were “very happy.”


There’s not much else to say about these nuptials apart from 1) a lifetime of home cooked meals is better than a lifetime of homemade furniture (never forget Schumer’s Aidan, Ben Hanisch), and 2) it would be really funny if Amy changed her last name to Fischer.

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I always wanted to date a chef and eat delicious food all the time, but then I dated some chefs and it turns out they’re kind of assholes.