Amy Schumer is now eligible to join the Comedy Central Amys Who’ve Gotten Naked In Piles Of Things People Normally Aren’t Naked In club after covering Entertainment Weekly in this American Beauty-inspired cover. She’s called “comedy’s funny, filthy, fearless new voice,” and can be seen chilling in a pile of tiny liquor bottles.

Schumer has a lot to celebrate. The third season of her Comedy Central hit Inside Amy Schumer premieres this month, and Trainwreck (the Judd Apatow-directed film she wrote and stars in) has the potential to be this summer’s biggest comedy. After its SXSW premiere, The Hollywood Reporter called it “an extremely funny screenwriting debut.”

Good for Amy. And good for American Beauty for continuing to be remembered despite itself! Though, Mena Suvari dropping rose petals from your ceiling at night certainly cannot compete with how wonderful it would be for Amy Schumer to douse you in tiny little vodkas.


Image via Entertainment Weekly.

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