Amy Schumer Is a Pageant Kid and a Dog Mom on This Week's Inside Amy

At this point, I think we can all agree that Amy Schumer is a genius who should be on television forever with no breaks.

On this week’s episode of Inside Amy Schumer, she enters the Little Miss Hot As Balls pageant as Amy Merryweather Sherman, a 6 year old who is aging at 5 times the normal rate due to a disease known as Fetal Red Bull Syndrome. Her stage mom, Cleopatricia, is played by none other than Jennifer Coolidge. There is a nip slip. In another sketch, Schumer dives into the world of adult absurdities as a dog owner who’s “still breastfeeding” and medicates her pet for FOMO.

Thank you, Amy. Until next week.

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jennifer coolidge.

that is all.