Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence Aren’t BFFs, They’re Just ‘Really Good Fs’

Calm down, everyone, because Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are not best friends. They’re writing a comedy together, they vacationed together, they appeared onstage at a Billy Joel concert, but that doesn’t mean they’re best friends.

In an interview with E! on Sunday, Schumer said:

“We really like each other, but I think the media blew it up. We’re not B.F.F.s. We’re just Fs, but we’re really good Fs. I have B.F.F.s since I was 8 years old so it’ll be tough to uproot them.”


Later that same day, Jennifer had Amy’s hotel room filled with balloons to celebrate her Emmys win, but that doesn’t mean they’re best friends. So quit saying they are!

[Vanity Fair]

Earlier this month, rumors that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been “hooking up” on the set of The Voice began circulating in the tabloids. But wait a second, maybe their relationship is completely platonic!

A source tells THL:

“Blake has been a great source of joy and laughter for Gwen during a difficult time in her life...Despite his own marriage trouble, Blake is always smiling and keeping things light on set. Any time Gwen feels like crying, Blake is there cracking her up. He’s helping through her break up with belly laughs!’ That is just too sweet! What an amazing friend Blake is.”


Miranda Lambert slowly crushes an empty Coors Light can with one hand. “What an amaaaaazing friend Blake is,” she says.



Did Peter Dinklage spit gum into his wife’s mouth before his Emmys acceptance speech? Probably. Watch the video and decide! (You’ll decide that he did.)

[Daily Mail]

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