Amy Poehler Teaches You to Feel Better About Your Body

In this episode of "Ask Amy," Amy Poehler fields a question from a young lady who's unhappy with her body—and pretty much gives the best answer ever. Um, yeah I think I got something in my eye. It's called MEGA-EMOTIONS.


God, I love her so much.



I love Amy Poehler, but some of this advice annoys the shit out of me because I have never been able to make it stick in my head. Probably because there is literally not one single thing about my body I am grateful for. I have also never been convinced that good things cancel out bad things because I have a hard time seeing what one has to do with the other. And I feel like it's the default advice you give to women who hate their bodies and it depresses me because it does not work for me. I'm like, thanks now I feel worse because I hate my body, I can't follow your advice about getting over that, and I've just run through the inventory of my body and, yup, still hate it all!