Amy Poehler Hilariously Raps About Paula Deen and Butter

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It's terribly fashionable to hate on Mondays (yes, I know it's Tuesday — please bear with me), but not everything about it so terrible. Think about it — the start of the work week represents a new beginning, it's only 5 more days 'til Friday and a new episode of the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast is released, making your work commute far more endurable.


The guests of Comedy Bang! Bang! are always enjoyable (the podcast regularly features the likes of Reggie Watts, Paul F. Tompkins and Chelsea Peretti), but sometimes they're downright delightful. Case in point, CBB's most recent guest, the Pawnee Goddess herself, Amy Poehler.

Here she is — alongside Tompkins (as Alan Thicke), Neil Campbell, host Scott Aukerman, laying down a freestyle rap about butter and Paula Deen's racism. (You can stream the entire podcast here.)




More appropriative bullshit. Of course it's "hilarious" when a white woman raps. She's been doing this for years and it's still offensive as fuck. Why is Amy Poehler a feminist hero, again? (Oh yeah, because #solidarityisforwhitewomen.)