Amy Pascal Is Leaving Sony for Universal

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Amy Pascal has wrapped up her tenure at Sony Pictures after more than 20 years, and announced she’s moving her Pascal Pictures into a first-look deal at Universal.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the producer was nearing the end of her four-year deal with Sony, which she signed in 2015 after departing her post as co-chair of Sony’s motion picture group.

“Amy has had one of the most prolific careers of anyone in our industry. I’ve been grateful to work alongside her throughout my career, previously as competition and now as partners,” Universal chair Donna Langley said in a statement. “Her expertise, passion and sensibility for great storytelling is evident across each project she touches, and we’re fortunate to benefit from her wealth of industry knowledge and her unparalleled relationships.”


As you might recall, shit hit the fan for Pascal in 2015 after she was implicated in the Sony email leaks; in particular, for her supposition that President Barack Obama must naturally prefer movies by or starring black people.

More recently, Pascal produced Spider-Man: Far From Home and Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, which she has been behind since long before it was even in Gerwig’s hands.

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The Noble Renard

I hope this doesn’t derail the planned Spider-Gwen movie because I am all into that.