Amy Fisher Talks Dirty With Fleshbot

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Today Jezebel sister site Fleshbot features an interview with Amy Fisher (link NSFW), the former "Long Island Lolita" who spent seven years in jail for the shooting of Mary Jo Buttafuoco.

Since being released from prison, Amy has pursued a career as a writer, starred in a "leaked" sex tape, and now has entered the world of porn. Amy not only has her own website, but she is also working on the side as a feature dancer. In her interview, Amy discusses cheating (Amy is married, and only does girl-on-girl porn, although to her "none of it seems like cheating — it's just having a good time"), the appeals of feature dancing ("it's that you get to be a girl, you get to dress up with all the sexy costumes") and the adult industry in general ("it's a very forgiving industry—everything goes, everyone's nice, and I'm just having a great time"). Amy admits that in order to stay in shape, she works out for three hours a day, "cause I'm no kid, you have to work hard to fight against time." How, um, uplifting? [Fleshbot]

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She was given given a multitude of 2nd chances, so to say.

Too bad she just couldn't fade into obscurity.

Side story-

I recall being in college and a housemate ( who was from Long Island) and I were watching this on the news. I was mortified and she just muttered "Those goddam italian mechanics are nothing but trouble !"