America's Got Bedlam

Here’s a fun clip of celebrities (or whatever you want to call them) being terrible to each other in a way that behooves them greatly by creating “good television” that beckons the prized commodity of “attention.”


On Tuesday night’s America’s Got Talent after an escape-artist type’s act flopped, judge Simon Cowell compared it to the wedding night of his fellow judge Mel B (“Scary Spice”). You may be aware that Mel has alleged her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte physically abused and sexually exploited her (and also got their nanny pregnant), and their ongoing divorce proceedings have become quite complicated. Cowell was almost certainly aware of and vaguely referring to this (“A lot of anticipation, not much promise or delivery,” is how he capped his joke). What a shithead. Mel promptly threw her drink on him and stormed off the stage as Heidi Klum clapped like a seal and then ducked for cover from the splash.

“Mel B is out,” narrated host Tyra Banks. “This is live TV...this is LIVE TV!”

But was it live TV?

“Something just went wrong,” announced yet another judge, Howie Mandel, the voice of reason and Gremlins’ Gizmo. “You know what, it’s live TV.”


I’m still unclear as to whether it was live TV.

“America’s got a vote,” continued Mandel. “It’s live TV.”

I think I need someone to go back over the live TV part.

“This is crazy right now!” screamed Tyra. “This is live TV and it’s crazy.”

America’s Got Talent is now in the portion of its season where its shows are broadcast live, in case you hadn’t heard.

Mel was back onstage to judge the next act, which featured a family of two parents, two kids, and 18 dogs who performed choreography to Katy Perry’s “Roar” ON LIVE TV, Y’ALL!

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

Simon Cowell has always been an arrogant, insensitive shithead. I have no idea why people would work with him, much less watch him.