Americans Steadfastly Refuse To Eat Healthy

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Despite the increased emphasis on healthy eating and reducing obesity rates, adults in the United States are eating fewer fruits and vegetables. Americans usually start eating better in May, but a Gallup poll found that health habits didn't improve last month and are worse when compared to 2010. The groups least likely to eat produce are hispanics and young adults, but seniors and women are also eating fewer fruits and vegetables. If you were trying to upset Michelle Obama, mission accomplished.


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I hate to be saying this and bringing reality to these types of articles, but the rising food costs are pretty much making me re-think my menus and food choices, and yes...there's been less fruit and veggies. Well, for the fruit, I've been sticking to the cheapest (apples and bananas...or whatever's on sale any given week). For veggies...I've been going frozen more often than not. It sucks, but that's reality when you're not able to afford cheap vegetables.

And please, no one suggest farmer's markets or buying local as cheaper alternatives, because around me (DC Metro area), the prices are up to 40% lower at Whole Foods than at farmer's markets. For just about everything (bread, prepared foods, fruit, veggies, meats, etc).