American Idol Is Struggling to Find Judges Who Aren't Katy Perry

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American Idol producers have reportedly had trouble securing a panel of judges to accompany Katy Perry on the long, possibly unnecessary journey of reviving the show. Is it possible that her $25 million salary ate up the budget?


According to TMZ, the legend Lionel Richie is in talks for one of the slots, but Idol doesn’t want to pay him the $10 million he’s apparently requested because it’s twice what they planned to offer:

Our ‘Idol’ sources tell us ... none of the previous front-runnersLionel Richie, Charlie Puth, Luke Bryan or Keith Urban — are any closer to signing than they were a few weeks ago. We’re told record producer Nile Rodgers has now been tossed in the mix.

Lionel Richie vs. Charlie Puth, hmm, which one, which one...

Idol has to lock in three or for judges before the filmed auditions begin in September. In just a few minutes, Rita Ora will say she’s available.

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They’re paying freaking Seacrest north of 10 mill and they’re trying to cheap out on Lionel “I wished you were my father in the 80's” Richie?