American Idol Contestant Potentially Saves His Marriage By Being Kicked Off the Show

After duetting with Fantasia on her song “I Believe,” Jordan Sasser—dad to Westlund, husband to Alex, worship leader to the people—was kicked off American Idol Thursday night. The writing was on the wall the night prior, when the judges labeled his performance overly “theatrical,” but still: it must hurt to accidentally almost ruin your marriage in your quest for fame, only to have said fame cruelly taken away before things really got rolling.


The judges suggested to Sasser that he was trying too hard, which is essentially the criticism he had gotten previously.

Jordan expressed gratitude for their feedback, and then, once he was eliminated, did so further on his various social media platforms.

He’s also already gunning for a comeback.

God truly is good.

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Kate Dries

BTW Fantasia’s other duet with one of this season’s best contestants, La’Porsha Renae.