American Horror Story Will Be Back for a Seventh Season

Ryan Murphy will continue to give you opening credits-induced nightmares, as American Horror Story is returning for a seventh season.


That’s according to Deadline, which announces that FX has renewed the anthology show for another go-round. Most recently, for the ongoing sixth season American Horror Story: Roanoke, the show swerved into telling its creepy tale via the format of a basic-cable “documentary” called My Roanoke Nightmare. Ryan Murphy teased Season 7 in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly:

Murphy says, like the current AHS: Roanoke which feature a big twist in episode 6, season 7 will shake things up for the fans. “It’s also a narratively strange idea,” he admits. “I’ve already started to call people saying, ‘Put this on your calendar.’ It’s a good one.”

He also said the idea sprang to him fully forward:

“It comes to me as it always comes to me,” says Murphy. “I sit up and bed and I say ‘That’s it!’ I have been mulling a couple of ideas and I wasn’t loving it. Then I was thinking of this other thing and I literally sat up and bed and said ‘That’s it!’ Whenever it happens it’s such a relief because it’s so much pressure.”

Can’t want to get some new variety of the creeps from just the teaser trailers!

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I fell off AHS after season three, but I am an absolute fiend for all things Roanoke. (What can I say, I like a good unsolved historical mystery.) Is this season worth watching?