American Horror Story Costarred Angela Bassett's Three Boobs

Angela Bassett and her three tasseled breasts made their debut on American Horror Story on Wednesday night. Is it weird to anyone else that The Commish is her husband?

After running from Chicago where the couple left a dead gay man in their wake, strong man Dell Toledo (played by Michael Chiklis) and snooty "full blown hermaphrodite" Desiree Dupree (played by Bassett) need a new home for their act. Elsa considers their proposition but it's tough, as a circus manager I'd imagine, to decline several boobs in one sitting.

Honorable AHS mentions:

- Patti LaBelle as the exasperated maid.

- Dot singing Fiona Apple's "Criminal" with all the angst a frustrated carnie could muster while trying to seduce Jimmy Darling, played by Evan Peters.


-That God-awful Clown's real mouth, or rather the lack thereof, which I will not show here because we all want to sleep tonight.

Image via AMC.

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How can you bring up last night's episode and NOT talk about Dandy??!

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