On Facebook, American Girl promised the historical dolls aren't going anywhere:

Be assured that our historical line remains the foundation of our company. We will continue to create strong characters that impart valuable lessons of hope, courage, and resolve. Please stay tuned for more information about the BeForever line.


But that doesn't do much for girls and parents seeking more diverse offerings, who are left with two fewer offerings. They could always introduce replacements, but this preview of the BeForever books doesn't hint at any:


I've reached out to American Girl for comment and will update if I hear anything more.

To be fair, the lineup is still vastly more diverse than when the company first launched. Besides Addy, Josefina and Kaya, there's Rebecca as well, growing up in the immigrant community of the Lower East Side in 1914. When I first came to the catalogs, it was just Molly, Samantha, Felicity and Kirsten, a totally white lineup.


But no doubt fans would prefer to see the company taking steps forward, not backward, and taking a broader, more representative approach to the name "American Girl."

Photo via AP Images.