America Spent $75K So Don Jr. Could Prove His Manhood and Shoot a Big Sheep

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Screenshot: Instagram/@DonaldJTrumpJr

Don Jr. loves to kill large, defenseless animals, I assume in some vague effort to assert at least some domination in a world that has birthed such a sad, powerless little man-toddler. And it seems these animals’ bleeding, lifeless flesh is even more satiating for him when it comes at a cost to the taxpayers.


Apparently, a hunting trip Baby Don took to Mongolia last August cost American taxpayers more than $75,000, according to a report from the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. Initially, the group was told the trip only cost $17,000, but after filing a Freedom of Information Act request, they discovered the dollar amount was muuuuuch higher.

Though Don Jr. did meet with the Mongolian president on this jaunt, that was not the main purpose of the trip. Rather, it was to shoot and murder this big, fluffy, ENDANGERED argali sheep, of which there were only about 19,700 in the world in 2010:

In addition to using our cash to kill, Don Jr. got special treatment from the Mongolian government,—he was retroactively given a hunting permit—hunted alongside a major Republican donor, and did not reveal specifics about that aforementioned meeting with the president, which is concerning for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Don Jr. is a fucking idiot. Anyway, congratulations to Don Jr. for killing a sheep, and congratulations to the rest of us for helping him do it.



chocolate covered raisons d'être

I think it’s worth remembering that Junior is not a government employee of any kind. He has no reason to have discussion with any foreign officials about anything. It’s terrible enough his old man represents the US to the world. We certainly don’t need his twisted spawn pretending to be...whatever he’s pretending to be.

Hey, maybe Mongolia needs a Trump Tower and the Trump crime family needs another money laundering operation.