At the end of May—just days after filing for divorce—Amber Heard filed for a restraining order against Johnny Depp. But though the trial is scheduled to occur this Friday, sources “connected to Heard’s case” are saying Depp will “NEVER testify.”

Writes TMZ:

Amber’s team is convinced Johnny is afraid to testify and, given the police are already involved, it’s just too risky to take the oath and endure a hard cross-examination.

What’s more ... Amber’s team doesn’t even believe Johnny will submit a written declaration denying domestic violence.


They go on to report that Heard’s camp “believes they have the restraining order in the bank.” Okay!


I was going to put an Instagram of Bella Hadid calling Kate Hudson her “bestie” right here, but she deleted it. So, I don’t know, here’s this:


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