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Amber's Team Apparently Thinks Johnny Will Plead the 5th During This Week's Restraining Order Trial

Illustration for article titled Ambers Team Apparently Thinks Johnny Will Plead the 5th During This Weeks Restraining Order Trial

At the end of May—just days after filing for divorce—Amber Heard filed for a restraining order against Johnny Depp. But though the trial is scheduled to occur this Friday, sources “connected to Heard’s case” are saying Depp will “NEVER testify.”


Writes TMZ:

Amber’s team is convinced Johnny is afraid to testify and, given the police are already involved, it’s just too risky to take the oath and endure a hard cross-examination.

What’s more ... Amber’s team doesn’t even believe Johnny will submit a written declaration denying domestic violence.


They go on to report that Heard’s camp “believes they have the restraining order in the bank.” Okay!


I was going to put an Instagram of Bella Hadid calling Kate Hudson her “bestie” right here, but she deleted it. So, I don’t know, here’s this:

  • I wonder what Becca and Lea talk about. Traffic? Juice? [Just Jared]
  • Looks like I’m going to have to befriend Taylor Swift this summer. [TMZ]
  • Nick Carter must have more money than I thought. [TMZ]
  • How often do you see Josh Lucas mentioned in the tabloids? [Page Six]
  • How much do you care about Tom Cruise’s face? [Gossip Cop]

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We’re told Lauren and Nick loved the steampunk wallpaper, and decided to run with the industrial motif for the whole room.

...and money can’t buy taste (although despite this copy it does not look very steampunk to me)