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Yesterday, actress Amber Tamblyn published a New York Times op-ed stemming from her Twitter feud with actor/broflake James Woods. Recap: James Woods said Tamblyn’s friend Armie Hammer’s upcoming movie about a gay relationship between a 17-year-old and a 24-year-old “chip[s] away at the last barriers of decency”; Tamblyn alleged that he’d tried to pick her up at age 16 to go to Las Vegas; Woods called it a lie; Tamblyn submitted a text thread as evidence; Tamblyn wrote an open letter to Teen Vogue; actress Katie Aselton came forward with a similar James Woods story; James Woods dismissed it indirectly as “the libs” trolling and later told them all to “put on their onesies.”


Out of this conversation resulted: 1) more James Woods being James Woods, tweeting hourly about snowflakes and crooked Hillary and liberal hypocrisy and Breitbart links and 2) a New York Times essay by Tamblyn on women’s silence on sexism and harassment for fear of career risks.

Tamblyn speculates what possible purpose she could have of accusing James Woods of harassment:

What would I get out of accusing this person of such an action, almost 20 years after the fact? Notoriety, power or respect? I am more than confident with my quota of all three. Even then, why would I choose the guy from “Scary Movie 2” to help my stature when I’m already married to the other guy from “Scary Movie 2”?


She remembers at age 21 going to a producer about a stalker on set, and the response was that “there are two sides to every story.”

This is the kind of shit, Tamblyn says. What’s the point of making the accusation if you have to go through the whole interrogation and probably get ignored anyway?

Every day, women across the country consider the risks. That is our day job and our night shift. We have a diploma in risk consideration. Consider that skirt. Consider that dark alley. Consider questioning your boss. Consider what your daughter will think of you. Consider what your mother will think of what your daughter will think of you. Consider how it will be twisted and used against you in a court of law. Consider whether you did, perhaps, really ask for it. Consider your weight. Consider dieting. Consider agelessness. Consider silence.


Anyway, la la la la James Woods isn’t listeninnnggggg because taking down the lib trolls is also a full-time job.

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