Amber Tamblyn Says Driver Tried to Strike Her and Her Daughter With Car in Brooklyn

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Amber Tamblyn says she and her one-year-old daughter were nearly struck by a driver while crossing a street in Brooklyn, and she believes the incident was intentional.

Tamblyn tweeted on Sunday that she was pushing daughter Marlow in her stroller across Atlantic and Washington Avenues in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn earlier in the day, when a man in a grey van nearly struck her. Tamblyn says the driver was honking his horn and his bumper grazed Marlow’s stroller, hence her assertion that he was purposefully attempting to hit her:


Tamblyn and her daughter were both uninjured, but she tweeted that she was still “very shaken” by the incident. Though it’s unclear whether the driver really did intend to strike the two, the intersection is one of the most dangerous in Brooklyn, though recent safety upgrades have improved it some.

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