Amber Rose's Talk Show Promo Is Here

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“If a girl wants to have a one night stand, she should. Girls should do whatever they want.”

So begins a very promising, if blurry, teaser for The Amber Rose Show, scheduled to premiere on July 8 on VH1. I don’t know why the quality is so low, but Amber Rose looks absolutely stunning in that red dress anyway:


After telling us all to get it, she continues:

And take it from me! I’m certified sex positive. I have multiple degrees in multiple positions. I’m a licensed selfie taker, I have a black belt in MUVAhood, I’m the motherf-ing CEO of No Shame. And I’m the MVP of women supporting women. And I’m gonna tell you a little secret: women like to have sex too.

She’s putting it all out there! Save us some secrets, Amber.

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was honestly expecting this to end in:

“i believe that billionaires should pay for their own fucking stadiums”