Amber Rose Is Pissed at GQ for 'Negative' Profile That References Kanye, Wiz Khalifa

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Amber Rose’s first book, How to Be a Bad Bitch, will be released next week but she’s currently unhappy with some of the coverage she’s getting for it.


Rose took to Instagram Tuesday to air her grievances over an upcoming story about the book that appears in the November issue of GQ.


In all fairness, Amber did became a celebrity in large part because of her relationships with both men. She filed from divorce from Wiz Khalifa a year ago and she an Kanye broke up in 2010. That being said, she is also a mother, an actress, and now an author, one who organized her first Slutwalk earlier this month.

The issue is out today in New York and LA so we’ll have to see if how bad it really is, but if nothing else, that Kanye pun is super lame.

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I’v fucking had it with these magazines and media oulets referring to black and latina women as “so and so’s baby mama” - it’s racist af! They don’t refer to Nichole Kidman as Tom’s Cruise’s “baby mama” or any white woman who has a child with any white man of any level of fame.

Good on Amber Rose for calling GQ out on everything she listed but I’m going add racist af for the “baby mama” reference as well. I’m sick of that shit. TMZ (I know... I know... but still they are a media outlet) did the same shit the other day in referencing the mother of Lamar Odem’s THREE children, one of whome passed away from SIDS. The woman was with him for years, had three children with him and was reduced to the title of “baby mama”