Amber Rose: 'I Cannot Even Count How Many Times a Famous Guy Touched Me Inappropriately'

Image screengrab via Yahoo
Image screengrab via Yahoo

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Style, Amber Rose talked about being groped by countless famous men, who must follow Donald Trump’s school of thought about grabbing women by the pussy.


When host Joe Zee asks for her thoughts on Trump’s “bragging about potential sexual assault” in Access Hollywood’s hot mic audio, Rose tells him many famous men have crossed that line with her. She also notes the obvious reasons why women don’t come forward after such incidents:

“I want him to get in trouble for it because I cannot even count how many times a famous guy touched me inappropriately. Seriously. Imagine this: Donald Trump comes and touches me inappropriately, right? I’m a regular ass girl. Do I call 911? Do I get on Twitter and tweet about it? How should I go about letting people know that this guy did it to me and who’s actually going to believe me, you know what I’m saying? You just try to get over it, and it happens to so many women.”

Trump would of course argue that this way of thinking only strengthens ISIS.

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Whenever I hear someone go , “But why now? Why all these women now?” Let me use my experience and simple rational logic to explain WHY NOW.

I was at a bar one night talking to an older man, joking, drinking, having a conversation. He reaches out and grabs and squeezes my breasts. I back up and react. Say “What the fuck?” He says, “I thought you just said I could”. With deep confusion, I say, “Uhh, what?! No, I didn’t.” He smiles a shit-eating grin and says, “Oh, I thought you did”. I slink away grossed out and embarrassed. He laughs. I knew there wasn’t anything real I could do. Complain to the bar maybe? Start a fight? Be attacked more? Retaliated against? Nah. I’d rather tell my girlfriend, commiserate, stay safe and go home. Nothing would happen to this guy. This was maybe 7-8 years ago, and yes I STILL remember it. Had this man been famous, I would have remember him, his name, who he was. I would ALWAYS remember. Now let’s say, this man pops up on TV as a major party candidate running in the primaries... It would burn me up, send me back to the moment. Do I want to throw this “wild” accusation out of the blue just because I see him? Do I want to open up my life to total scrutiny and attack? But what could I, a nobody with no “proof” or platform do? Nothing. Be angry. Vote against him. Now lets say this guy becomes the party’s candidate. He gets through debates and becomes increasingly likely to become our president. Then let’s say, a video comes out, with him describing doing exactly what he did to me... with his own words? Then he denies it. Wow, this guy is being exposed. And I can speak up to confirm this. My words have merit now. I can tell people this was my experience. It happened to me. It would be really scary to take that first step. But then, I hear other women come out. They speak of their own stories that have stuck with them for 1,5, 10, 20 years. Now I feel safe. I have others backing me up. I’m not alone. I speak up. We have a chance to expose this person. We have a chance to really make a change. And I’m no longer alone. THAT is why I speak up now.