On an episode of It’s Not You, It’s Men, Amber Rose explained why it’s never okay to surprise grope women on the dance floor to Tyrese Gibson and Rev. Run, and it gave them resting sad face.

A lot gets covered in a two minute clip. The fellas start out with the classic “if a guy was dressed as a basketball player, you’d force him to play basketball with you” comparison, but Amber Rose clarifies quickly that it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. In fact, verbal consent is even more powerful than full nudity, with boobies and everything. She says:

If I’m laying down with a man — butt-naked — and his condom is on, and I say, ‘You know what? No. I don’t want to do this. I changed my mind,’ that means no. That means f-ing no. That’s it... It doesn’t matter how far I take it or what I have on, when I say no, it means no.


This makes them look like this:


To be fair, they are giving her a platform to share her recovering slut-shameholic story, and don’t mock her or shout her down. It’s sad that that’s notable, but it is.

Rose doesn’t even seem angry with Tyrese or Rev. Run, even if she is frustrated with the audience applauding the misogynist rhyme, “Dress how you want to be addressed.” She patiently dismantles that catchy nonsense, and moves on. Amber Rose knows the guys just haven’t admitted that they have a problem yet. The full episode airs Saturday on Own, so we’ll see if she breaks them down.


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