Amber of Teen Mom Gets Life-Size Tattoo Of Daughter's Face

Illustration for article titled Amber of emTeen Mom/em Gets Life-Size Tattoo Of Daughters Face

Well-done tattoos can be beautiful pieces of art, but poorly-conceived tattoos can be lifetime emblems of regret. Let's hope against hope that the feelings that Amber Portwood derives from her new ink fall into the former category.


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liz.lemonade: She is beyond good and evil.

The tattoos that always get me are the fandom ones. Not just "inspired by" (like a symbol that could mean many things) but something specifically related to a show or book or whatever that you like. Now, some people carry that particular love throughout their lives, so it makes sense for them. (I'm not slamming it in every single case!) But I've seen so many friends get inked with, say, the logo of their favorite show. I want to ask them if they truly believe they're still going to be passionately devoted to Smallville (made-up example) in thirty years.