Amber Heard's Organs Scooped Out By Women's Health [UPDATED]

Finally, we've found a magazine that doesn't lie to its readers with its cover lines. Yes, Amber Heard's torso looks strangely whittled on the cover of Women's Health, but the editors clearly labeled the image "Sculpt Sexy Curves." As in, you can't achieve this look from this month's silly diet and exercise tips, you'll need to digitally sculpt this silhouette in Photoshop.

And if it's just a weird angle, and not a digitally whittled, scooped-out back, why choose this image for the cover? The behind-the-scenes video on the mag's website shows that the lady is a fantastic model and the editors had lots to choose from. (It also shows what her waist does not actually have a smaller circumference than her thigh, which is what the cover might lead you to believe.)


Here are a couple of (untouched) stills from the video:

UPDATE: Michele Promaulayko, VP/Editor in Chief of Women's Health has responded: "We did not photoshop the image to make her look thinner. These are her real proportions. We choose cover stars who are fit and healthy. Amber exemplifies that. "

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