Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Threw Bottles 'Like Grenades' During '3-Day Hostage Situation' in Australia

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It’s now week three of Johnny Depp’s libel trial in London’s High Court against News Group Newspapers, publisher of U.K. tabloid The Sun, and ex-wife Amber Heard has taken the witness stand. As you may recall, Depp sued the company for labeling him a “wife beater” in the press, which The Sun claims was founded upon 14 credible allegations of abuse by Amber Heard.


On Tuesday, Heard told the court she did “strike Johnny” during an incident at their Los Angeles penthouse in March 2015 in an attempt to protect her sister. She believed he was going to push her down the stairs, The Guardian reports. “I had heard that he had pushed a former girlfriend, I think it was Kate Moss, down the stairs,” Heard told the court. “And I thought of that at the moment and I reacted in defense of her [Whitney].”

Depp’s attorney Eleanor Laws QC suggested Heard’s injuries following an incident that same month in Australia, which Heard had previously referred to as “a three-day hostage situation,” to be “self-harm” scars. Heard responded that they were not: “I have had the scars since that evening,” she said.Johnny’s the self-harmer; I’m not a self-harmer.” When asked to theorize why Depp’s staff had given testimony that she had no scars, Heard replied, “I can’t explain why Depp’s lifelong friends and employees [said that],” adding that, “Whenever I leave the house, I wear makeup.” She also said Depp accused her of having affairs with her co-workers and used nicknames for those thought to be “sexual threats,” like “potato head” for Channing Tatum and “pumpkin head” for Leonardo DiCaprio.


On Wednesday morning, Heard gave more detail about the Australia incident, The BBC reports. “I got angry at times but not into a rage that would cause me to throw anything at him,” she told the court, explaining that she did grab a bottle from Johnny and smashed it on the floor, but only to stop him from drinking more. That instigated him, she said. “He started picking [bottles] up one by one and throwing them like grenades. One after the other after the other, in my direction, and I felt glass breaking behind me, I retreated more into the bar and he didn’t stop. I was too scared to look behind me. He threw all the bottles that were in reach,” she said. Laws that suggested Heard threw a bottle at Depp, “smashing it down and severing the tip of his finger with glass,” to which Heard responded with a simple “No,” according to Deadline. Heard also denied rubbing a cigarette out on his cheek. “No, Johnny did it right in front of me, he often did things like that,” she said.

Heard is expected to continue testifying on Thursday.

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