Amber Heard Released a Tearful PSA On Domestic Violence

Amber Heard released a post-Thanksgiving PSA on domestic violence, tearing up as she discusses her own experiences with an unnamed partner, named Johnny Depp. As she says in the video:

“I guess there was a lot of shame attached to that, that label of victim. It happens to so many women. When it happens in your home behind closed doors with someone you love, it’s not as straightforward. If a stranger did would be a no-brainer.”


“I have a unique opportunity to remind other women...this doesn’t have to be the way it is. You don’t have to do it alone. You’re not alone. And also, we can change this. Violence against women is not limited to actual physical violence.”

Heard and Depp were married for just 15 months, though what the union lacked in length it more than made up for in mayhem, with at least one confirmed instance of Depp shattering wine glasses during an angry blowout. The two finalized their divorce in August, with Depp agreeing to pay Heard a $7 million settlement, which she pledged to donate to charity.


Kanye West Update: TMZ reports that contrary to reports that he’s on the mend, West has been acting paranoid and deeply depressed—both issues with which he’s reportedly been struggling for some time:

We’re told after Kanye was taken to the hospital Monday he was convinced people were out to get him, including the doctors who were caring for him. Our sources say for a time he wouldn’t even let the doctors touch him.

Our sources say the paranoia has been building for months ... obviously going way beyond the stated reasons for the hospitalization ... dehydration and exhaustion.


West is being treated at UCLA’s medical center, where he’s been under observation since Monday.


I don’t want Martha Stewart to ever die, but when she does, I hope “Once Alive Now a Centerpiece” is what they write on her tombstone.

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Artist Formerly Known as Skymall

Resilience is the key to surviving abuse. How does one create resilience?

1) Having people *believe* you when you talk about the abuse.

2) Having just 1 person *nurture* you.

3) Having a *support* system that can help you.

It seems very small, but 1 person can make the difference in someone staying in an abusive situation and someone getting out and getting the help they need.

Be that person for your friend, your sister, your coworker, your neighbor.