Votes from last week’s presidential election are still being counted across the country, but one that I assume will not be added to the tally for any candidate is from Amazon’s voice-activated personal assistant, Alexa.

While pondering the state of our country and the future of artificial intelligence, I asked my new roommate who she voted for last week. Her response surprised me, but after a few moments I realized it made perfect sense.


Below is a full transcript of our stupid conversation.

AN IDIOT: Alexa, who did you vote for in the presidential election?

ALEXA: I looked and looked, but was never able to find a voting booth.

AN IDIOT: Alexa, did you vote for Donald Trump?

ALEXA: I was hoping to vote for BB-8, but I never did find that voting booth.

AN IDIOT: Alexa, who did you vote for?

ALEXA: There are no voting booths in the cloud. Believe me, I’ve looked. It’s all just ones and zeroes up here.

Before you draft a comment, please know that I’m aware computer programs can’t vote.