Amazon Studios Head Roy Price Resigns Days After Details of Sexual Harassment Accusation Were Publicized

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Roy Price, who until recently was head of Amazon Studios, quit his very good job on Tuesday a mere five days after more detailed allegations that he’d sexually harassed a co-worker were publicized, according to an Amazon spokesperson who spoke about the matter to CNN.


On Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter ran a story by Kim Masters that significantly built upon a previous article she’d written for The Information in August about the allegation (it’s also well-worth checking out this Columbia Journalism Review article about all the hoops she had to jump through to get either story published). Producer Isa Hackett, who worked with Roy Price on Amazon’s TV series The Man in the High Castle, claimed in the Hollywood Reporter article that Price made a pass at her after a Comic-Con event in 2015, and made lewd comments several times to her that night. In one instance, Price reportedly told Hackett, “You will love my dick.”

This hasn’t been a long goodbye, but not altogether unexpected. Just a few hours after Masters’ second article was published, Amazon announced that Price had been suspended from the company effective immediately.

Price also came under fire this past week over his association with Harvey Weinstein. Actress Rose McGowan implied on Twitter last week that Price knew about her assault allegations against Weinstein and did nothing. McGowan did not mention Price by name.

Price has yet to comment on his resignation, but the New York Times noticed he’d changed his Facebook work information to reflect his new employment status.

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