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Amazon Sells Another Sexual Assault Video Game

Illustration for article titled Amazon Sells Another Sexual Assault Video Game eventually pulled a rape simulation video game, but now the company is selling the interactive DVD Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love, a "vivid exploration of Stockholm Syndrome" in which you must sexually and psychologically abuse your kidnapped victim to get her to fall in love with you. [Feministing]

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Wait, you guys! Before you attack, let the man have his say:

According to Audemars (the game creator), "Before feminists attack 'Stockholm', I'd suggest that they take a look at the romance novels that are popular with women today. You don't see a lot of 'Ross and Rachel' type romances. You see kidnapping, captivity, force. Great erotic writers recognize that 'Stockholm Syndrome' is a much more legitimate form of love than what Hollywood wants to shove down our throats. This simulation helps people explore that.

Well, I'm convinced. You all are clearly not great erotic writers or interested in legitimate love.