Amazon Has a New Fashion Collection

Images via Amazon
Images via Amazon

Amazon—the online retailer where lazy consumers can buy cat food and Pringles on Prime—has launched a fashion collection of its own to sell alongside the zillions of third-party clothing items available on the site.

The new line is called Find (as in: “These Pringles were a good find”), and it’s available in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany as of today—a 500-piece, fall/winter womenswear collection and 200-piece menswear line.

Fashion Law cites Amazon’s push to “tap into the appeal of an array of high fashion labels (for a fraction of the cost)“ and notes that the collection “takes inspiration from the likes of the fashion industry’s most in-demand brands, including Vetements, Balenciaga, Off-White, and Celine.” In short, Amazon wants to be like Zara.

Images via Amazon
Images via Amazon

There’s a variety of on-trend coats, jeans, dresses and shoes in the Find collection, including a pair of high-waist skinny jeans for $34 and patent-leather boots at $72. Amazon isn’t redesigning the wheel, though it is a major deal that the biggest online clothing retailer is climbing into fast fashion.

Amazon Find’s VP Frances Russell told the UK’s Telegraph, “The brand’s not going to happen overnight, not every piece is going to be absolutely perfect, but we will just keep listening to customers.”

You’ll likely see more of the collection pop up on social media as part of the influencer program Amazon launched earlier this year.

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Looking at these pictures I thought Amazon unearthed some incredible fashion archive...the clothes (and the poses) look really dated.