Amazing Video of Geyser in Subzero Temperatures

Yes, despite what some people might think, we are definitely experiencing some phenomenally unusual weather patterns this year.

In this video, which shouldn't terrify you about the possible end of our society in some kind of Dickensian ice blizzard take down at all, a geyser in Iceland erupts during freezing temperatures. Yes, I know geysers in Iceland pretty much go through this kind of stuff all the time. But POLAR VORTEX ARMAGEDDON Y'ALL.

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It's not extra cold in Iceland, today its 32 in Reykjavik, and this geothermal area is about an hour's drive from there.

I've seen Strokkur (that geyser) go off a bunch of times, in the winter it always reaches a point where the steam appears greater than the stream of water, that's just cause it happens so quick. What's unusual here is that it has two events so closely spaced, usually Strokkur goes off every 4-7 minutes.

I'm not seeing the connection to the polar vortex or our current conditions, especially since my friend in the north of Iceland is emailing me jokes that our weather has been swapped as he's seen nothing but rain this week.